Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Este es mi Higo Amado: Escúchalo!

Holy cow, so life at the CCM (MTC) is finally calming down. When you first get here everyone says that the first four days are the hardest. When I heard that I was like, "psh...whatever," but as the time went on I realized that they were right! The first four days are INSANE! I am happy to say that I survived it and I am now going into week three with high hopes. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day was filled with turkey and pie. And love. That's important too. 

Thanksgiving at the CCM was really cool. We got to sleep in until 6:30 (5:15 is the norm. Thank you early morning summer job, you really saved me from going into shock after finding out we eat BREAKFAST at 6:30 on most days). And then we heard many inspirational things in our devotional, in which ELDER RUSSELL M. NELSON spoke to us! It was really neat to be there and to hear the words of a man that you know is led and guided by the hand of God. He told us to be like a car and "charge while in action." As cool as that sounds, I'll admit I was a little sad he didn't say something like "Take naps twice a day." Oh well, I guess this really isn't my time I'm working on. I am really just happy to be here at all. 

So let me share something really cool. Two days after we got here to the CCM they had us teaching our first investigator in ESPAÑOL! That experience was...a learning one for sure. Also, it was kind of awkward. Seeing how the only phrases we really knew were "Hi, How are you." and then our testimonies. BUT I can tell you that our third time teaching our investigator, Hna. Bowers and I had such a good experience! We really felt the Spirit guide us in what we were saying and how to say it. It was AMAZING. I cannot wait until I have that experience for real! 

Another really cool thing. A few nights ago I got to act as the "investigator" and my teacher taught me a full 30 min lesson! Wow. It was really just incredible to be able to feel just a little bit what that is like. It was like I really didn't know anything about the Gospel and I was seeking for answers, but did not know where to find them. It helped me to realize just a little bit more of what my purpose is as a missionary. I want to share with others that they CAN receive guidance directly from their Heavenly Father. That they are children of God, and as such, they are entitled to the blessings of heaven if they will live according to the directions God has given us. They CAN be happy. They CAN find peace. 

We are all God's children. He loves His children so incredibly much. That is my message. One of love. 

I love you! I will email you later today, but for now I have to go. 

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