Monday, May 4, 2015

Because of You, Mom

Mother: "The sacred title given to the woman that gives birth to or adopts children. Mothers help bring to pass God's plan as they provide mortal bodies for the spirit children of God." -GEE (The Book of Mormon, Spanish)

This week will be my last Mother's Day in the mission and I just want to give a big shout out to all the mother's in the world.

Thank you Mom. Thank you for all the tears you've dried, "owie's" you've kissed, laughs you've inspired, hugs you've given, and love you've spread. Without you, we wouldn't be who we are. You have been with us from the beginning (literally) and we know that no matter how far away it may seem that we are, our hearts have the best way of communicating. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made as a mother. In a way, I think that your small and constant sacrifices have demonstrated a little bit of the love that was needed for the Atoning sacrifice of our Savior. Because of you, we know that He loves us. What a blessing it is that God gave us people like you. We love you mothers. Happy Mother's Day. 

Now, it wouldn't be right if I didn't give a special shout out to my own mother. You are theee BEST Mami! I am so grateful for who you are and for all the you have given me. Have a great Mother's Day and remember that no matter how far away Mexico might seem, I continue being your little girl.

I love you. 

Love, Hermana Jones

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