Monday, January 13, 2014

Week One in MEXICO!

Week One

This is real life now. I am surrounded by Spanish. Holy Cow. I thought the MTC was trial by fire....oh my goodness. 

So I will tell you about my trip to Mexico. Monday (cant believe that is only a week ago) I was in Las Vegas all day and I got to spend the evening with a nice missionary couple that helps the missionaries get their visas. Then I went to the airport and 9pm to wait for my flight. Thats when the sparks began. Nearly everyone in that terminal was hispanic, so I basically just sat there all awkward... alone and silent... for three hours. Then I got on the plane to MEXICO and had more Spanish-English conflict. The Señor I sat next to was so nice and explained what the flight attendents were saying (SOO QUICKLY) in simple spanish to me. Then I got there and took the bus to Puebla. It is SO beautiful here. SO. Green, green, green. and beautiful montañas everywhere. I loved it from the second I got out of the plane. Even though I wasnt quite sure what was going on...And then, in a nutshell, I got assigned to my trainer and area and now here I am. Chiste..there has been more in between, but to be honest I dont think time works the same here, Its like, here one second and gone the next. Seriously. 

Haha a few things that I love about it here...

1-there are these gas trucks that drive by EVERY hour and they play this obnoxious jingle. I cant stand it, but at the same time it is kind of catchy even though I have no idea what it is saying. Sometimes I even catch myself humming the tune. 

2-Ok so feo literally translates to 'ugly', but they use it for basically anything that they dont like. and bien translates to 'well', but when added to the front of a word its like saying that its 'the most'. for example, when my trainer talks about our apartment she says it is 'bienfeo'. haha 'well-ugly'. But is BIENfeo. but thats alright, I really am getting used to icy showers. Oh, the first time I had to take a shower it probably took my like 10 minutes of just standing there and prepping myself for the freeze. It didnt work. It was so cold that the chilly morning air even felt warm. Haha..Enjoy your hot water there in America...

3- The pueblitos. They are little towns that surround the city. Oh, by the way Ive been assigned to the Libertad1, Tehuacan area. Look it up on Google, its beautiful. Anyways, the pueblitos are really amazing. They are just very unique and I love the experience of going there. 

4- the combis. They are like big vans that are made into buses. And they are just all over. They honk at you when you are walking to see if you want a ride. The first day here I kept thinking that people were honking at us either because there we were missionaries or to let the Mexicanas know that there was a white giant in their midst (PS there are two hermana companionships in our area and one of the hermanas is Hermana Holmen from Brigham City. What are the chances!!). Either way, I was wrong. haha. But sometimes there are so many people on the combi that you are just smashed against everyone and Im sure it looks hilarious when everyone gets off. 

5-I love my trainer (Hermana Poot - prounounced Pote). She is literally the most patient person I know. I cant imagine having to explain every other word to a frantic giant. Ok thats another thing. I am seriously taller than almost EVERYONE here. Definitely the minority. IAnyone who thinks it is awkward to be tall in high school should spend some time as a tall, white, blonde, female missionary in the heart of Mexico. I go against every single norm here. But its ok, it provides a nice conversation starter where I can say 'Buenos dias. Somos misioneras por la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias.' and then my compañera pipes in. Cause thats basically all that I know it feels like. So yeah, other than the language barrier I really am doing great. I have faith that Heavenly Father definitely knows what He is doing and if I just keep trying and stay positive, I will be uplifted by Him. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I mean that is why I am here right, but I didnt think that I would be the one that would need His help the most right now. Im beginning to realize that, although I am here to bring others unto Christ, really I am the one being molded by His power. I am not going to lie, this is really hard. However, it is something beautiful. Because no matter how hard it gets for me, I know that my Savior, Jesucristo, is right there with me. And thats what I want to share with others. The knowledge that they are never alone. God loves us and he desperately wants us to return to him. So, despite not being able to understand nada and sticking out like a sore thumb (really? where does that even come from?), I will keep pushing on and keep working hard. He gave His all, so how could I give less than my best?

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