Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who is teaching who?

(Savannah's 10 year old little brother, Max, sent her this email)
Dear Savannah,
This week I learned in my class about Adam and Eve, what they chose to do, and what Jesus Christ can do if you repent. He can pay the price. Heavenly Father said to not eat this fruit, and let them choose, but he said, "I'd rather you don't." But they did take the fruit, so Heavenly Father said you made a bad choice, so now you have to die but you will get resurrected and you won't live with him. But Adam said that he liked the fruit cause if he didn't eat that then we wouldn't be able to die, or never even been born. Heavenly Father made a plan-  that he was going to send all his children down to earth. They will be born and live their life, they might make mistakes, but they repent. We can repent cause of Jesus Christ, because he suffered for all the sins, for whoever made bad choices. Mom says if we follow the steps of repentance, we can be forgiven of our sins. These are the steps of repentance: recognize what you did wrong, then pray to God and say sorry, and if anyone got hurt, or you lied, you have to tell the truth to them and say sorry to them. Then never do it again. When you get baptized, you're supposed to keep that promise to listen to the Holy Ghost. If you don't repent, then Jesus Christ can't pay the price for you. But he can IF you repent and never do it again.
I got 3 yellows this week, and 1 red and 1 white (for behavior). And I told the truth every time. I love you.
Love Max

(Savannah’s email response to Max)
Wow Max, you are learning a lot. The things that you are learning are the things that we teach the people that dont know about the church ( they are called 'investigadores'). Sometimes it is hard to repent isnt it? But when we repent we can be forgiven of our sins and feel happy again. Heavenly Father loves us very much and wants us to be happy. Remember that an important part of repenting is to never do it again. When you are having a hard time with this part, pray to Heavenly Father for help. I know that if you are trying your hardest, he will help you. Are you saying your prayers on your own every morning and night? This is very important  so that you can have help all day and remember to make good choices.

I love you Bug! Thank you for sending me such a good letter. You are so smart and special!!


Hermana Jones

PS the picture is of a fruit that is called 'zapote' (sap-oh-tay). It is green on the outside and BLACK on the inside!! One of the Hermanas in our barrio said that it was 'bienrico' (really good), but it was...gooey. haha no, it wasnt too bad:) love you buggy!!

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