Monday, May 5, 2014

A little bird poop never hurt anyone

Ok, so I just want to say that I feel so blessed to be here as a missionary. 
I have gotten to know so many people and see the incredible changes that acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to their lives. 
It is pretty cool.

This week something a little bit interesting happened. Yesterday we were walking and walking and walking, for what felt like all day and it seemed like everybody was too busy to listen to us, and we were feeling super hot and tired and thirsty. AND THEN, as we were walking, something hot hit my hand! 
When I looked down, I saw that there was a spot of bird poop on my hand. Ewww!!! 
It was kind of gross, and it felt like a stinky cherry on top of a weirdly long day.

However, here in Mexico, when a bird poops on you, 
it means that you have good luck. What a strange sense of luck, right? But I love it because it shows an optimistic answer to something that could be a downer to your day. This taught me a cool little lesson that, at times we tend to blow little things way out of proportion and something small becomes something incredibly horrible, but really --- if we will control our attitudes --- even something gross like bird poop can be a sign that life isn't so bad after all. 
Life really is awesome! 
And sometimes you just have to take things with a smile on your face 
and remember that a little bird poop never hurt anyone.                                        
I love the mission. I love my family. I love the Lord. 
Con amor, Hermana Jones

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