Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A letter to my Papi

Dear Papi,
We have been working hard here. I know that there are 
many people waiting for ,us and we are just trying to find them. 
I'm glad you could be thinking about missionary work. Sounds like 
that was a good talk. Idea: have you ever invited anyone to listen 
to the missionaries? Or to go to our house for a family home evening? 
Have you guys gotten to know the neighbors that aren't members?

I invite you to make a list of the people that you know that aren't members, or are inactive, and then pray to know 
who is ready right now and how you can help them to accept 
this message. Then, listen, fast, pray some more
go to the temple if you need to 
and THEN pray for the courage to ACT

I promise that Heavenly Father will answer your sincere prayers. He is preparing people in your life that you can help. 
I love you so much Papi. Keep up the good work. Talk to you soon. 
Love, B 

PS- Today they called to ask me which airport I will be arriving at. 
I said SLC. You better be there to receive me, eh? (or in other words, today they bought my ticket home...ah I'm dying slowly:(  
Also on Wednesday I will be giving my last testimony in our zone conference. Bleh. Love you Papi!! 
Love, B (again)
"Fe" means Faith

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