Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pronounced "Tae-wah-cahn"

(Forgive not capitalizing--Savannah hasn't figured out the Spanish keyboard yet)
Ok so, Teohuacan is actually pronounced Tae-wah-cahn. and did you look it up yet? it is so beautiful, really. and the people of inner Mexico really are incredible. some of them dont have much, but they work hard with what they do have. 

Another thing i love about mexico, the hugs. literally everytime we see/meet someone (women only of course) they immediately hug us and give us a kiss on the cheek. its so sweet! i might come home a little awkward, like in-your-space kind of way. no worries though:) 
Speaking of that, no boundries thing, i have been kissed at from passing cars quite a few times. the first time it happened, i was just innocently walking at looking at people passing by and you know that awkward moment when you catch eyes with someone while your people watching. yeah. and then, while this eye contact was still in play, he made a few really loud smoochy noises at me... ah...  needless to say, i try not to look in any more cars in case it might happen again. also, i get things like "muguerita" (which is like saying "little white girl") yelled at me quite a bit. and people like to use the few english words that they know with me, so there are quite a few "hello, whats your name" phrases going on as well. i really cant help but laugh because thats exactly where im at with my vocabulary, only with spanish...bah.

I'm seriously am like a little kid here. i wont lie, it really drives me nuts, but then sometimes i can zone out of conversations and no one really blames me. most of the time i really try to listen though. i try to listen so hard that i feel like my ears might start bleeding from the effort. when i hear english, its like a really comfortable pillow for my ears. dont get me wrong, spanish is beautiful and i love it, but i will love it more when i cant understand and speak a little bit (ok a lot) better. 
I really do like the food for the most part. its usually chicken and pasta. we have actually had very little rice. dont know why, but im not complaining..im a fan of spaghetti. oh. so i like it except for the part where you have to eat every single bite and you are expected to ask for seconds. im getting expert at eating really slooow. also, it doesnt hurt that im so blaringly gringa, because i think they kind of expect us to not eat very much for some reason... thank you missionaries before me, for setting the bar pretty low. oh, another thing, dont know if i told you this yet, but we eat a little bit of breakfast in the morning and then one big meal at 2 and thats about it. kind of different, but i dont mind at all. 

So we are both new to this area and we are trying to get to know the people and places better and better everyday. but there are a lot of old investigators that we have to follow up on and see why they stopped meeting with the missionaries. in the notes that the elders that were teaching one investigator it said that the reason he was dropped was because he didnt want to quit chickens. we were really confused about that, so we went to see this guy and we came to find out that, yup, the reason he stopped meeting was because he raises and fights roosters and he doesnt want to quit. haha. for real. he has like a million roosters at his house. some of them even have little foot leashes..haha love it. 

Ok so over all, i am loving it here. it is really difficult, but we grow the most when we have to work a little harder right?

Keep saying your prayers and choosing the right. its the only way to find that sweet joy that we all crave. 

I love you all!!!

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