Monday, February 3, 2014

Bonus- 2nd entry this week-answers to random ?'s

Don't worry mom,  I definitely won't starve here. The members feed us SOOO much. If I don't get a parasite soon I am going to "climb in weight" (sube pesos) haha. I was sick throwing up yesterday and mi compañera called the doctor 'cause this is the second time in three weeks and they said that if I get sick again I will have to go the emergency room to check for "something"....wonder what they're talking about....I don't have a parasite. I hope...just kidding haha I feel fine now.   

1. well to answer like three of those questions...we don't drive a car. We walk. and walk, and walk, aaaannndd walk. or we take combi's (unless we have no money, then we walk really long distances) Actually, I have a really cool story about that. I don't remember if I told you about when we were walking close to our area and I heard some english music, so we decided to knock that door to ask if they were interested in english classes. Well, long story short, we are now teaching the family (mom, dad, hermano 18 años, hermano 12 años) that lives there! It has been really incredible to see how the Lord really does place you in certain places at specific times for a reason. "Thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things" (1Ne 16:29, The Book of Mormon). This really is His work.  

Another cool story-- About three weeks ago we were going into our house at night and a woman came up to us and said that she lives on the corner near us and asked what happened to the "jovenes" that lived where we are living now and gave us her phone number so we could visit sometime. Don't know if I've told you, but we are the first set of Hermanas in our area. Kind of cool right? Anyways, Two weeks ago (I think), when we had no money, we were wondering what to do that was close by and we decided to call the woman and ask if we could visit. We went to her house and talked with her and her two sons (16 and 12) about the life of a missionary for quite a while. She was really intrigued as to why we leave our families and schooling jobs for a year and a half. The past two weeks we have been trying to see her almost every night, but have had no success. Last night however, we found her and taught her. Hna Poot and I really feel like she is ready for the beautiful change that the gospel brings.  

2. Our area is huge. We have from one end of the city of Tehuacan out to a bunch of pueblitos (Montechiquito, Piño Suarez, San Bartelo, Madero, and then a bunch that we have yet to visit) 

3. we are actually super lucky--in our area we have what is called "El Paseo" which is really like a mall, Sams Club, Walmart, and a Bodega-- which is like Costco. Its pretty sweet. And that's where we buy our food. But really we don't have to buy too much because the members feed us so much. Except, here's another story. There have been a few mess-ups with people forgetting that they are supposed to feed us that day. This confusion has caused a lot of angst between a few of the women of the relief society, the president of the relief society, and the obispo. Its kind of crazy. So we are going to have a lesson on the Atonement and forgiveness in Relief Society class on Sunday, taught by the missionaries. It should be good.  

4. We have a microwave, mini fridge, and those little stove thingies. No oven. Boo. But a lot of people here actually don't have ovens, so no big deal.  

5. I used my little mini fan the first two weeks of the MTC and it was awesome. Until it broke. So no, I haven't, but lucky for me we have a big fan in our apartment! Woo hoo!

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