Monday, April 7, 2014

OUR divine nature is GRAND

Today we taught a lesson to someone named Carlos. We contacted him outside the chapel (capilla) one day in a contacting activity about a month and a half ago, but we barely went to visit him a week ago. He is very intelligent, he has a light in his eyes. After he said the closing prayer , I asked him if he felt like he was talking with God, and he said that it is a little bit dificil to imagine God as being similar to us because he is like this "grand being", and I was thinking about this and it is true. Sometimes it is hard to believe that God has a body of carne y hueso similar to nosotros.

This does not make God any less miraculous, RATHER it testifies of OUR divine nature and potential. We are children of God, Creador de todo!! How amazing is that? If we can just understand this one thiing, we would be able to understand many dificil things in la vida. Actually, it is interasante, "God is our loving Heavenly Father" is the very first principle that we teach to people. If they can’t understand this, they won’t understand why we should pray or why a restauracion was necessary, or anything else we teach.  

I love my new companion, Hermana Lara (sp?).
Love Hermana Jones        

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