Monday, July 14, 2014

Bonus: Why I decided to become a missionary

(This is from an email Savannah wrote to another friend who is on a mission)
Well... my motivation to come on a mission. I actually thought about going on a mission a year ago around Christmas time, but I was dating a guy ... and just kind of brushed it off. But in my patriarchal blessing it talks a TON  about serving my fellow beings and serving my father in heaven, so it kind of felt like a mission was in the cards for me. But then fast forward to april. I was accepted into the nursing program and was trying to decide if i should accept or not. I felt like i was going to get married that summer, so i thought i would want some time with my family and declined the program. THEN in may, i was doing wedding stuff and HATING it and just not feeling the whole "im so in love and happy that im going to get married" So i thought that I had some serious thinking to do. I spent a lot of time going to the temple to do baptisms and just sitting in there praying and thinking and i just felt like HF wasn't answering my questions, until one night i went there and sat in there for like an hour thinking about getting married vs going on a mission. i left and STILL felt like i didn't have an answer, but as i was driving home with my dad i just couldn't stop thinking about how if marraige is a huge thing and if i didn't feel happy then (NOT living with him) what would make me think that being with him all the time would be any different? So then i just though, "Nope, i can't marry him" and then, "what am i going to do then?" And i felt like the answer just popped into my head. Mission. As soon as i said it out loud to my dad i was 100% sure that it was what HF wanted me to do. I have not for one second since i decided that, regretted that decision. I know this is where i am supposed to be and that there is no better way to prepare to be the mother and wife and disciple that he needs me to be. 

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