Monday, August 18, 2014


Popocatépetl- volcano with the Ixtahzihwatl mountains

Today we got lost on our way to the big city, looking for a Walmart. We probably could have avoided getting lost, if we would have asked sooner for direction sooner, and more specifically than, "excuse me, does this bus passes by Walmart?" Yeah. Puebla just happens to be the fourth largest city in Mexico, 
and Walmart is pretty thriving there so there are a lot of possible Walmart stores that our bus could have passed by. No worries though, we eventually found a Walmart, bought some pillows (finally), and got our little missionary tails back to our área, safe and sound. I never thought I would feel so relieved to walk out of Walmart, after only 15 minutes of shopping. It was a pretty stressful shopping trip.

Sometimes in life we are found in similar situations, and are too stubborn/prideful/embarrassed to ask for help when we need it. It makes me laugh to think that in the human mentality, we sometimes think that there is a level of "betterness." Not true. We are ALL here in the same boat, trying to find our way back home. The majority of us are just too stuck in our ways to ask for directions.

THAT is the reason I am grateful for all that the Gospel of Jesús Christ gives us. 
It is like a trusty GPS(S) (Guiding People to Spiritual Safety), with step by step instructions (Have faith, Repent, Be baptized, Receive the Spirit, etc.), 
an equipment manual (The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, and every other Word given by the latter-day prophets), and even a Little voice that tells us when we are off course (that one should be an easy one to interpret...*Holy Ghost*). 
The Gospel is here just to guide us home. It doesn’t obligate us or try to convince us to change our course. (how ridiculous would that be if your GPS just went off trying to get you to take another path). That may even be the best part of this whole message: we are free to choose. Choosing to follow what the Gospel gives us doesn’t mean that we are foolish, or faddish, or just "band-wagon" type of people. It means that we understand that we know we forgot how to get home, AND we are willing to pull-over and ask for help.
I know that what I have been here 9 months teaching is life changing and soul saving. I know that it is the way back to our Father in Heaven, who is desperately sending everything at us to get us to get back on track. I know that its true and there is no way I could ever deny it. 

I love this Gospel. I love the misión.

Con amor,
 Hermana Jones

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