Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bonus- a letter to my Papi

Dear Papi, 

This week flew by. It was pretty good though, we are teaching a few new families and have been able to set baptism dates with a few of them We hope that in a few weeks these two sweet little girls will be getting baptized. Its true, the blessings come and come and come right? That is amazing how fast you have been in setting up the apartment. 
We are both staying here in Cacalotepec another six weeks. I will be completing 10 months next week, crazy right? That is crazy that summer came and went so fast! 
I remember when you guys were saying that it was just barely warming up. I swear, time flies by double time here in the mission. It rains SOOO MUCH!!! 
We don't always wear boots cause they are not comfortable and it is usually hot and sunny when we leave and then just starts to pour out of nowhere in the afternoon. Like today, we were in an internet but it wasn't working really well, so we got up to leave and it started pouring. We got a little wet, but we were like "we have to write the family!!" 
It gets a little nippy at night time sometimes. I wrote about the flea situation in the blog, but to solve it someone told us to spray raid on the bed and sheets and stuff for a few days and then wash the sheets, so we have been sleeping on top with gross blankets. But it is better than being flea bitten all the time. I should have taken a picture of my neck a few days ago, it was SUPER bitten up. haha its all pretty funny when i think about it. 
You should have seen me this last week, always scratching and itching everywhere. 
It gets dark around 8.. I think. We are usually in lessons when it gets dark, 
so i really can't tell very well what time exactly. Curfew is at 9/930 if we are teaching a lesson. Thank you for emailing me your love and support. Keep up the good work as Papa over there in Utah. And be careful with your back. I love you guys sosososososososo much, more than that. Love, your Dot

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