Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something sweet...

Savannah had an activity with the missionaries in her district, and didn't have time to write her blog this week, so she asked me (Mom) to write "Something sweet."  
So I will try really hard to share one of my own "Ah-ha" gospel moments. Hope it will get you all through this week until we hear from her again!

We been working on selling our beautiful "dream" home for over 4 years.
This month it sold-FINALLY! Now we are busy building a very different home: it will be simple, small, paid for as we go,and will be more highly appreciated than I thought possible. It has been a great challenge! Has required deliberate choices, committed actions, faith in our abilities, and faith in our Heavenly Father. Sounds great, right?
Well... what I didn't count on was how difficult it would be: to exercise financial restraint,
to work long hours, and at the end of some days, to not see any real visible progress.
It has required me to develop some necessary "tunnel vision," in order to endure the building process.

The most important part of a house is the foundation, which lies underground.
Without a strong foundation, the house could easily fall down. Remember the song,
"The wise man built his house upon the rock, and the rains came tumbling down.
The rains came down, and the floods came up...and the house on the rock stood still."
[See Children's Songbook "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man")

Now- I know our new house will be completed, probably sooner that later. It will be strong, and storm-worthy.  I am grateful that Savannah asked me to write the blog this week, because it helped me to consider how I am building my gospel  foundation,
and to ask myself some big questions:

Do I make deliberate choices that lead me in the right direction?
Are my actions committed to these choices?
Do I have faith in my abilities?
Do I have faith in my Heavenly Father's vision of my future?

I am working on developing some serious "tunnel vision," 
in order to endure the life-building process well. I want my own spiritual house
to be able to "stand still" through the wind, rain, floods, selling of houses,
building of houses... and well ---through anything that life has in store for me.

We appreciate all of the love and support Savannah has had while on her mission.
Thank you to all the readers of whysavannahsmiles, for enjoying this journey with her.
And don't worry---
she will be back next week. I pray :)

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