Monday, December 22, 2014

Simon's Opportunity


This week as I have been reading in the bible about the birth and life of Christ
 I came across a scripture that is seemingly insignificant, 
but it really hit me hard, when I read it:

"And they compelled one Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and Rufus, to bear his cross." (Mark 15:21)
Never before have i noticed this seemingly small detail in the moments before the crucifixion of Christ. Simon was probably just a normal guy, heading on his way home from work, excited to see his family and not really thinking about the reason for the commotion that was happening as he "passed by." He did not know that he would take part in one of the most important events in history, as he was pulled into helping the Savior of the world carry the very piece of material that would hold His mortal body has He finished his mission on earth. In a way, Simon helped to carry the burden that would make it possible for the Saviour to one day carry those of Simon. 
I think that many times in our lives we are given the same opportunity that Simon had. Our Heavenly Father permits us to carry the burdens of others, and in the process, help the Lord Jesus Christ carry our very own personal burdens. Sometimes we may think that we don't have the time nor the capabilities to give the type of service required of us. 
We cannot plan what time, or in what way we will be able to serve others, 
but we can plan how we will respond to the call to serve. 

I know that as we take the time to give and serve and love as He did, 
we will be able to feel that our very own stresses and worries 
that weigh us down will be lifted in the process.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!! 
Con amor, Hermana Jones

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