Monday, February 16, 2015

"Un besito?"

Savannah is actually very busy and still SMILING, but said she "didn't have anything too exciting to talk about this week."  THEN... she went on to tell about a new family they just found yesterday, and they have set a baptism date with a different investigator, and have met a teenager they have made friends with who now comes to Seminary, Mutual (weekly youth activity) and is now attending church. 
Lastly she said they met a single dad and recently started teaching him.
He has a cute little 6 year old boy, and after the first lesson we had, when they were about to leave "he ran back to me and made a little kissy face and said "un besito?" 
(a little kiss) haha because it is a custom here to kiss on the cheek, 
but we cant kiss kids or men haha it was so cute."

She  has eaten a lot of different foods in Puebla - some that she likes and some she doesn't like at all are pictured here. 
Will leave you to guess which ones are which.

PS: Her hair has grown a lot.

Have a great week!
Love Hermana Jones Family

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