Monday, February 9, 2015

What are we willing to SACRIFICE?

In the mission we are required to make certain sacrifices,
from the first very moment that we decide to come on a mission. 
For example one who is preparing him/herself for the mission has to begin saving money and preparing their plans to fit with 18-24 months of being absent from the real world. As we get to the mission field we have to sacrifice our comfort-zone
our pride, our time, our studies, our waistline, (and many more precious things). 
giant on a combi-bus
letters from home

something good to eat!
But somehow everything works out great and the sacrifices don't hurt so much. 
I think the reason is because we sacrifice willingly and with an understanding of why. 
In real life we are also expected to make many sacrifices big and small. 
Some require great humility and others just a little bit of time 
but each decision we make leads to sacrifice.
Literally everything we choose to do has a cost. 
Even the decision to brush your teeth in the morning requires us to choose what sacrifice we want to make. You will be sacrificing your time (to brush them) or your teeth (to not brush them). The beautiful thing about the plan of happiness that God has given us is that He has allowed us to be completely free to choose 
and He has also explained to us the way to follow Him and the consequences 
or blessings we can obtain based on what we decide. 

So really the choice is ours. 
We can choose to make sacrifices based on our own desires 
or we can exercise our faith and sacrifice all that we have for Him 

"Choose you this day whom ye will serve...
as for me and my housewe will serve the Lord." 
(Joshua 24:15, The Holy Bible)


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