Monday, November 24, 2014

BIG changes!!!

Savannah had exciting news this week. She didn't have time to write a blog, because she was busy getting ready to be transferred...she emailed,
"I am moving to a place in the same zone called Granjas del Sur and I am going to be a Sister Training Leader (its like a zone leader for sisters) and I honestly don't know what they do, just that they have more responsibilities." She said that she still won't be driving a car. 

This picture needs an explanation:
The 'sag' in the center of the mattress is from all of the missionaries that have used this bed. It is where they say their prayers. We asked Savannah if she will leave this area with a little more 'sag' in the bed. She said, "That is 100% true and literally we have callouses on our knees, that is not even a joke!

Savannah's birthday is next week. Send her an email if you would like. (see address at the left)

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