Monday, November 17, 2014

The other day I chased a chalupine

So, remember when I sent the picture of me (April 3 blog entry) 
eating chapulines (aka grasshoppers)? Well, here in Cacalotepec there are a billion chapulines always jumping around, and people are always gathering up 
the little hoppers to cook them up for dinner. Pretty exciting. 
The other day I chased a chapulin across the road 
as we were walking to an appointment and it made me wonder if grasshoppers ever just walk? It seemed pretty tiring to me to always be jumping. In search for the answer, I asked my wise companion and she said to me "they advance faster." Oh..right... GrassHOPPERS were made to hop. It would be kind of silly 
for a grasshopper to go against its nature and walk everywhere instead of hopping. 
That made me think of us as children of God. Sometimes we are so prideful that 
we choose to go against our nature and walk when it would be so much easier, and we would get where we are going so much quicker, if we would just hop. 

When I talk about hopping and walking I dont mean literally
(that would be kind of ridiculous, come on), but rather spiritually speaking
(Cause I am a missionary. I eat, sleep, and breathe spiritual things). 

Heavenly Father created us in HIS image 
with abilities and characteristics similar to HIS, but sometimes we are too prideful/lazy/apathetic to develop our divine potential. 

"The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:And if children, then heirs; heirs of God...(Romans 8:16-17, The Holy Bible).

He has given us His all, with the one hope that we would become the people that He knows we are. It is not always easy to hop life away
sometimes we get a little tired and feel like giving up and slowing down to walk, 
but I know that if we will trust in him and give our all, then He will give us "strength such as is not known among men." (Doctrine & Covenants 24:12).

So, Keep hopping little grasshopper.
Just like my companion,Hermana Rico said, you will advance so much quicker when you exercise the wonderful abilities that He has given you.

Con amor, Hermana Jones

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