Monday, November 3, 2014


We did a  "Minute To Win It" activity in our ward on Halloween and it turned out pretty well. Started 45 minutes later than we hoped (Mormon time + Mexican time 
= SUPER LATE to everything), but everything went well and, as my companion reminded me after, "it started and now it's over. Que bendicion."  
And what a blessing indeed. 

In Mexico they celebrate "Día de los Muertos" which I used to think was just Mexican Halloween, but no. It is 180 degrees different. They make an altar for the people that they have known that have died and they put a bunch of food, fruit, toys, and things that the dead person liked and they say that on November 1 and 2, that the spirits come and eat and play with the toys. They have, however, started to do Halloween here in Mexico, just a little bit different than we do it there. The trick or treating starts three days early and the kids just run around in the streets ambushing people and asking for them to "donate" to their pumpkin. Usually people give them candy, money or fruit, but we had none of those things so instead we gave out stickers. 
I told my companion that we should really consider handing out pass-along cards, 
but she vetoed the idea, saying that the parents might get a little upset and, 
seeing as we are the only missionaries in this small town, they would immediately know who to blame. Needless to say, we stuck with stickers. 
It is a tradition to eat bread called "pan de muerte" and it is pretty good, so the other day i was going to buy one and the lady was like "thats 10 pesos you know." 
That about killed me..10 pesos for a stinking piece of bread?? 
(cultural side note - normal pan is like 3-4 pesos). So instead a lot of people make their own pan and here is a pic of a family that was making it. We went to help them make the bread, but we only ended up helping them eat the bread. 
Borrowed rebosas- look a little bit like the Virgin Mary, but kept us warm.
This little pueblito is an interesting place to be in. 
We are learning a lot everyday and trying our hardest to love everyone. We are still swimming (maybe not swimming, seeing as it has suddenly stopped raining as quickly as it started) and still preaching and loving every (almost) minute of it. 

Con amor, Hermana Jones

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